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"Let me start by saying one thing... AMERICA IS NOT DOING ITS JOB." Read More

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Steve has been a heroin addict since the age of 15, and has been fighting full-blown AIDS for 19 years. When I met him...Read More

Welcome to the Forgotten Souls Foundation

image1The Forgotten Souls Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the lives of America's homeless and disenfranchised individuals.

The foundation has its roots in the overly controversial documentary, Forgotten Souls, which has been banned from nearly every studio in Hollywood due to... “Its controversial content”. Translation… telling the truth. "Oh No! Not the truth! Not against the Administration!", laughs MJ Gottlieb, the producer and director of the documentary, and the founder of the foundation.

Over approximately four years, Mr. Gottlieb (known simply as "MJ”) gave a group of homeless and disenfranchised individuals food, clothing, housing, medication, counseling, and anything and everything they needed; in return for being allowed to film their stories. Why? For answers. To gather the information needed, to find the common threads, those missing pieces of the puzzle to help turn the corner on this ever-growing battle that America is losing.

After the shooting, and subsequently creating the documentary, the Forgotten Souls Foundation was created to fight this battle and, most importantly, a program was developed to help fix it. A program based on the results of the filming. First-hand experience, spoken directly from the horses’ mouths… All filmed separately. All asked the same questions. All with the same answers. Coincidence? Not probable.

The Forgotten Souls Foundation's main responsibility is to tell America the TRUTH. The REAL AMERICA, not the America we know through the handpicked information that is depicted through the media and controlled by the Powers-That-Be… And to ask America for assistance to help eradicate the injustices that exist within Our Great Country.